Who are the FNF Alumni Champions?

On 11 March 2022, FNF launched the Alumni Champions initiative. We asked FNF Alumni across the UK to help us share the fantastic work we’re doing in their region and the call was answered! These Champions are enthusiastic and committed nurses and midwives who want to raise FNF’s profile, influence change, and pay forward the opportunities FNF has given them.

What do they do?

Alumni Champions promote FNF programmes and membership. What’s more, they create local communities who get together to focus on exciting projects such as fundraising, social and environmental initiatives. The initiative has already shown great potential and FNF will continue to grow the Champions network.

Represent Florence Nightingale Foundation in your region by:

  • Advertising FNF’s scholarships and leadership programmes when they are launched
  • Organising networking events for FNF alumni in your area
  • Identifying regional nursing and midwifery development themes that FNF could help to improve by focusing our work on
  • Share your leadership journey by offering an FNF case study
  • Organising fundraising activities or events in your area and securing funding for FNF scholarships where possible
  • Attending champions meeting twice a year virtually and at our office in London
  • Continue to meet every six weeks
  • Remain dynamic and aligned with scholar priorities
  • Support and encourage scholarship applications
  • FNF internship programme – mentors from group
  • Remain engaged with FNF opportunities and sustain links
  • Speaker link in from FNF
  • Collaborate with other FNF as they develop

The Launch