CYP1.6 Political Acumen and Influence

Learning Outcomes

  • Sharing your experiences of working in ‘political’ environments and how you can support each other’s development in this area.
  • Walking in the shoes of key partners – local government, voluntary sector – and what do they want from us as NHS Directors?
  • Mapping the health and care system in which you are working (what do you believe it is?), what’s changing and emerging opportunities for taking advantage of those changes for your organisation and patients.
  • Thinking through key issues over which you as nurse leaders would like to have more insight/involvement/influence and some tips and tools how to do that more effectively.
  • Develop greater political astuteness around how national NHS policy is developed, interactions and relationships between the civil service, arms-length bodies and Ministers, and how/where you could have influence to the benefit of your organisation, system and region.

Your Facilitator: Eden & Partners

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