GL1.4 – Communication Skills for Leadership with Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA)

Learning Outcomes 

  • Self-awareness of individual body, breath, and vocal habits and how these effects 
    communicative impact. 
  • Learning how to manage nerves, imposter syndrome and workplace anxieties to 
    communicate with impact, clarity, and influence in all situations.  
  • Understanding of the physiology of communication, experiential practice, and clarity as to how to establish and enhance skills. 
  • Building confidence through sharing and problem-solving challenging behaviours that emerge within the workplace.  


RADA Business: Training Courses for Leadership, Communication, Performance & Presentation Skills  

Facilitator: Jonny Guy Lewis  

Dates:  25, 26 and 27 July 2023 – 09.30-16.30  

Venue:  Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London WIG 0AE.  

Accommodation:  Royal Society of Medicine Dormus Medic Hotel

Joining instructions and pre course work will be sent via email approx. 2 weeks before the workshop. 

This workshop will include active participation. Please read the joining instruction carefully and bring all handouts with you to use during your session. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  

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