Module 1: Personality Preferences and Performance in Teams
Module 2: Fundamentals of Quality Improvement
Module 3: Presentation of Self - Presence and Impact
Module 4: Using your authority and Influencing change
Module 5: Co-consulting

IN2.7 – Summary

Additional resources

If you are interested in learning more about QI or undertaking further improvement work yourself, the following resources may be a useful place to start:
Institute for Healthcare Improvement: QI Tools
A list of audio and video resources
The Health Foundation: Quality improvement made simple
What everyone should know about health care quality improvement!
NHS Scotland: Quality Improvement tools
The Quality Improvement tools provided here can support you in your improvement work
NHS England: Leading the Spread and Adoption of Innovation and Improvement: A Practical Guide
Here you will find guidance to support the spread and adoption of innovation to improve health and care outcomes as well as patient and staff experience.
QIP Tips and tricks

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