SSHINE Neurodiversity Module

This training module will consist of potentially seven bite-sized sections, 10 minutes each with a 5-minute evaluation time at the end.

Programme Aim

The training module uses a humanitarian approach to raise awareness of neurodiversity, supporting learners and highlighting methods to support an individual, drawing attention to individuality, environmental challenges and addressing realistic possibilities a neurodivergent individual may face.

Once you have completed the training module, you will be asked to complete an evaluation which will then generate a certificate of completion that can be used towards Continued Professional Development (CPD). Case studies/lived experience will be used throughout to promote a humanity approach and help the participant feel connected/engaged with their training.

Learning Outcomes

  • General education on what neurodiversity is
  • Associated terminology
  • Neurodivergent conditions, with a focus on strengths
  • Empowered to know where to seek support
  • Empowered to know how to support others