2022-23 Scholars Welcome Day Agenda

Part 1 of the Welcome Day – All Scholars

Please login to the following zoom link for the Scholars Welcome Day, if you have any difficulty logging in, please email; [email protected]

You are invited to a Zoom Webinar for the 2022-2023 Welcome Day
When: May 24, 2022 13:30 – 17:30 London

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Welcome Day Part 1 – All Scholars Webinar
Passcode: 834009

Timing Content
13:30 Opening Address:
Professor Greta Westwood CBE PhD RN – Chief Executive Officer – FNF
13:45 Welcome video:
Dame Yvonne Moores – FNF Chair
14:00 Scholar Insights:
Becky Thomas
14:20 Digital Scholarships Insights:
Helen Balsdon
14:30 Introduction to FNF Scholarships:
Professor Gemma Stacey – Director of FNF Academy
15:00 BREAK

Part 2 – Leadership and Digital Scholars

Please click the link below to join the webinar at 15.25:
Welcome Day Part 2 – Leadership and Digital Scholars Webinar
Passcode: 834009

15:30 Bespoke Leadership programme providers:

3:30 – The Kings Fund
3:40 – CHIME
3:50 – Eden and Partners
4:00 – Inspiring Hope
4:10 – Bravest Path
4:20 – Windsor Leadership
4:30 – RADA Business, part of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
4:40 – Cranfield School of Management
16:50 Breakout Rooms – Hopes and Goals, Group Agreement and Q&A

Group 1a – Debbie Preston
Group 1b – Lucy Brown
Group 2a – Professor Gemma Stacey
Group 3a – Professor Greta Westwood CBE

Part 2 – Travel Scholars

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16:50 Breakout Room – Hopes and Goals, Group Agreement and Q&A

Travel Scholars – Lucy Lewis, Sharon Thomas and Carolina Barton-Jones

Part 3 – All Scholars

All 2022-2023 Scholars for final closing remarks of the Welcome Day

Please click the link below to join the webinar at 17:25:
Welcome Day Part 3 – All Scholars Webinar
Passcode: 834009

17:30 Closing Remarks:
Professor Greta Westwood CBE PhD RN – Chief Executive Officer – FNF

Online Learning Etiquette

The majority, if not all, of your leadership programme will be delivered online. The following information is intended to ensure you and your cohort you get the most out of the session and learn together in a safe and confidential space.
Trust and openness within the group is key from the outset, therefore, with this in mind, we will support the group to develop some shared ground rules at the start of the session which will provide a foundation for success.
Based on our experience of working with groups we offer the following as a start and would invite everyone to think about what is missing for them.

  • We will ensure confidentiality of the discussions
  • We are all responsible for our learning
  • We will help the development of others
  • We will show mutual respect
  • We will actively and attentively listen
  • We share ‘air’ time

There may be some attendees who are also from your organisation. We want to ensure that the group remains a safe space and you feel able to share your experiences without concern about implications in your workplace. Therefore, please ensure you are able to describe your experiences without naming individuals from your organisation. If you are listening to another member of your organisation sharing their experiences, please attempt to focus your support and reflections on the issue at hand and refrain from making reference to the local context or specific individuals in the organisation.

The following are some practical requests to enable the session to run smoothly:

  • You can attend the session using your computer, or tablet.
  • Please be online at least 5 minutes before the start of the session.
  • If you are late or have technical questions, please email; [email protected] and someone will respond to assist you.
  • Do not share the meeting login details with anyone else. They are only for registered members of the group.
  • Think about your background. Is there anything you wouldn’t want a guest to see?
  • Please do not run other programmes (work/other internet pages, etc.) or use other electronic devices while you are attending.
  • For your own concentration, and that of fellow participants, try to be in a room away from pets and other family members or flatmates.
  • Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking. And remember to re-mute after you’ve spoken. This will help reduce the bandwidth of the session and ensure sound is clear to all those taking part.
  • If you have a question or contribution, please raise your hand, and wait to be invited before asking.
  • Please note that the teacher may choose to mute you if you have forgotten and your background noise is interfering with the class. This is to ensure everyone can hear and get the most from the class.
  • Please do not record the sessions. All content in the session is confidential and should not be shared.
  • To ensure that the session goes smoothly for everyone, the facilitator reserves the right to remove anyone from the session whose behaviour is disruptive.


Director of FNF Academy – Professor Gemma Stacey
Deputy Director of Academy – Lucy Brown
Head of Nursing and Midwifery Leadership and Scholarships – Debbie Preston
Programme Manager – Sharon Thomas
Academy Co-ordinator – Carolina Barton-Jones
Contact: [email protected]

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