Your programme has been sponsored by The Welsh Government Their aim is to support and develop Emerging Leaders who hold managerial positions with high levels of operational accountability. The programme will enable participants to explore, define and develop their unique approach to leadership. This is in preparation for future strategic leadership positions which offer you the opportunity to exercise your authority and influence at a systems level. 

Aim of the Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership Programme 

To develop nursing, midwifery and allied healthcare professional leadership identity, capacity, and capability to influence organisational and patient outcomes at a local, systems, national and international level of healthcare delivery.


  • Personal and group commitment to a dissemination strategy for the team  
  • Team understanding of the writing for publication process and options for disseminating knowledge 
  • Six papers fully prepared for submission 
  • Extended dissemination of publication outputs through FNF media networks  

Learning Etiquette

The following information is intended to ensure you and your cohort get the most out of the session and learn together in a safe and confidential space.  

Trust and openness within the group is key from the outset, with this in mind, we will support the group to develop some shared ground rules at the start of the session which will provide a foundation for success.  

Based on our experience of working with groups we offer the following as a start and would invite everyone to think about what is missing for them.  

  • We will ensure confidentiality of the discussions  
  • We are all responsible for our learning  
  • We will help the development of others  
  • We will show mutual respect  
  • We will actively and attentively listen  
  • We share ‘air’ time  

There may be some attendees who are also from your organisation. We want to ensure that the group remains a safe space and you feel able to share your experiences without concern about implications in your workplace. Therefore, please ensure you are able to describe your experiences without naming individuals from your organisation. If you are listening to another member of your organisation sharing their experiences, please attempt to focus your support and reflections on the issue at hand and refrain from referring to the local context or specific individuals in the organisation. 

The following are some practical requests to enable the session to run smoothly: 

  • You can attend the session using your computer, or tablet.  
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of the session.  
  • If you have any issues, please email [email protected] including the name of your Leadership Programme and your cohort (if applicable) in the subject line and someone will respond to assist you. 
  • Do not share the meeting details with anyone outside your cohort. They are only for registered members of the group.  
  • If you have a question or contribution, please raise your hand, and wait to be invited before asking or as directed by the facilitators.   
  • Please do not record the sessions. All content in the session is confidential and should not be shared.  
  • To ensure that the session goes smoothly for everyone, the facilitator reserves the right to remove anyone from the session whose behaviour is disruptive.  

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