Annual Digital Nursing Assessment 2022/23

In 2021 the digital nursing programme’s first digital maturity assessment survey was completed, in order to understand the digital nursing landscape and identify the requirements to support the workforce.

We are now running the second annual assessment which we are inviting all chief nurses to complete on behalf of their organisations.

By ensuring that organisations complete the survey, we can:

● Build up a national picture of the digital nursing workforce
● Monitor change in our workforce over time
● Compare data against baseline results
● Utilise data to inform future digital transformation priorities, plans and strategies.
● Support organisation and regional knowledge of digital nursing

This survey has been shared in the first instance with Regional Chief Nurses and we would like you to cascade and share this link with chief nurses in your locality.

We look forward to sharing the results with you soon and holding joint discussions with both you and your colleagues to identify how we can use the data derived from the assessment to make meaningful change at both national and local level to improve patient care through digital transformation.

Please note that the survey is to be completed by the chief nurse on behalf of their organisation. Some of the questions are directly related to your digital nurse leader /team and may require further input from this team.

The survey will run from 8 to 31 of July.

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