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As part of being a responsible data owner and in line with GDPR and data privacy commitments, from time to time we review our database and remove anyone that no longer wishes to be contacted by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

You are required to take action, if you do not, legally we must remove you from our database and you will not receive further communication from us.

Below are two options. Please select your desired choice and submit the form for us to establish whether you would like to remain in contact with us or not going forward. If you do wish to remain on our database, it is very important that you respond to us (even if you are currently taking part on one of our programmes). If you don't, we will remove your details.

If you decide that you would no longer like to remain in contact, your data will be archived or disposed of in line with our standard operating procedures. You would be welcome back in the future however you will need to contact us directly to ask to be reinstated onto our database.

If you wish to remain in contact we will need you to complete the contact preferences update form below.

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