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Barbara Farquharson

Hi Gordon and Jane
Nice to make everyone yesterday but such a shame our time was cut short. Looking forward to getting to know everyone better. I’m a Senior Research Fellow at the NMAHP Research Unit, University of Stirling, currently funded on a British Heart Foundation Career Development Fellowship. I was a clinical general nurse for 15 years working in general medicine, CCU, HIV prevention, Cardiac Rehabilitation and NHS 24 so I have a broad range of frontline experience. I’ve worked in University sector for 14 years now, mostly part-time.

I’m an accidental academic, came across an opportunity to do a funded PhD without really understanding what it was! I was exceptionally fortunate to be allocated a PhD supervisor that has been an amazing mentor to me and really gave me the research bug. I get a real kick from developing new ideas, close attention to detail and ability to plan carefully in advance really suits me but I think has perhaps let my pre-existing perfectionism get out of control!

How would people feel about a whatsapp group as a way to keep in touch/ask each other questions? If people would like that I’ll set one up?