Leadership Development for IENMs Pre-programme Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Internationally Educated Nurses and Midwives (IENMs) Leadership Development Programme. To ensure that we deepen our general understanding of the leadership development needs of IENMs, and that the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) tailors the programme according to your experience and development needs, please spare 10 minutes to complete the below pre-programme survey.

Privacy Notice: The data collected will be controlled by FNF. It will be used to inform the leadership development needs of IENMs to develop our programme only. The data will be stored securely on a password protected data cloud for five years and will only be accessed by FNF employees who are directly linked to the project. Data which is referred to in any final outputs will be fully anonymised and your confidentiality will be maintained throughout. If at any point you choose to withdraw from participation, your data can be removed and deleted. If you would like to withdraw or make a complaint, please contact [email protected] and an executive member of the FNF team will be in touch to discuss your concern.

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