AU1.2 – Ally Stories

Below you will find two Ally stories recorded by David and Emma. They have been recorded by Patient Voices, please visit the links to see the stories and search through the others on the site.

David’s Story

When David’s parents came to the UK, their sense of duty and fairness was not matched by the reception they received. Their determination and hopes for a better future were blocked. But they never gave in. They kept their sense of family values, even when their son was suffering from the entrenched bias and bigotry in society, systems and institutions that saw only his colour.

But he never gave in either. He went on a journey, finding in the Army achievement, success and recognition. That journey continued across the globe until it settled in the South-West.

David never gave in, he kept on making things better – in schools, with challenged young people, and then in the NHS, with diverse staff and patients. This is his story.

David’s story

Emma’s Story

Who is Emma?
Is she the professional cake designer?
Is she the mixed-race wife and mother
Is she the mother who cared for her child for 211 days?
Is she the “Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead”?
Or is she here, in the NHS in the South-West, planning, writing and developing programmes and events to change nurses’ lives, doctors’ days, physios’ routines and health care assistant’s training because on the darkest of those 211 days, those staff around her were her light?

Emma’s Story

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