GS1.5 – Quality Improvement and Abstract

Now you have started your scholarship you must work on a Quality Improvement Project and write an abstract to be submitted for publishing in a journal of your choice, as well as on the FNF website once you complete your scholarship. 

Please send an abstract of between 1000 – 1500 words using the following guidance: 


The abstract will be published on our website and must include the following headings: 

  • Your name 
  • Scholar type (if leadership state type) 
  • Your sponsor(s) 
  • Aims and objectives of Scholarship
  • Places and organisations visited, and programmes completed
  • Title of your Improvement Project  
  • A summary of your improvement project with impact on patients/service users and practice/or education/policy and colleagues together with any process and outcome measures used to demonstrate this.  (This is likely to include developing new practices/services, improving existing ones, and/or developing new collaborations and networks for the benefits of patients and service users 
  •  Implications for practice/education  
  • Dissemination; details of publications and/or conference presentations 
  • Your reflections  
  • Reference 
  • Acknowledgments – MUST INCLUDE YOUR SPONSOR(S) 

Quality Improvement submission Deadline 

30 June 2024 at 12 Midday 

Submit toβ€―[email protected]. You must include the programme name in the subject line of any email correspondence. 
You will be asked to present your leadership journey and a summary project at the celebration event. 

FNF Improvement Project Abstract Template 

Examples from Becky Thomas:



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