Module 1: Personality Preferences and Performance in Teams
Module 2: Fundamentals of Quality Improvement
Module 3: Presentation of Self - Presence and Impact
Module 4: Using your authority and Influencing change
Module 5: Co-consulting

IN4.2 – Structuring your reflections to enhance self-awareness

Welcome to the first session in this module

In this session, we are going to:

• Learn how to keep your learning journal using the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle to structure your thoughts and ideas
• Think about your personal values using a variety of tools
• Set some personal goals
• De-brief, and reflect on these experiences

What is a learning journal?

Watch the video on the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle below and follow the instructions on how to proceed. Be sure to have your learning journal ready!

If you are happy to share your thoughts with others on the course, please enter them in the forums below by clicking the + sign in the bottom right corner. You can like other comments or comment on them to help build on your thoughts. All answers will be anonymous.

Step 1 – Identify the times when you were happiest

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Step 2 – Identify the times when you felt most proud

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Step 3 – Identify the times when you were most fulfilled and satisfied

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Step 4 – The list of common personal values

Please use the following list of Common Personal Values when completing Step 4.

Please complete steps 5 and 6 in your learning journal when prompted.

Referenced resources

Defining your values

Video: What are your values?

Article: What are your values?

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